Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm Back. Sort Of!!

My hamstring one week after Reno!!  OUCH!!
I left Reno on Sunday morning and by the time I got to Denver on Monday I was well on my way to feeling really bad.  By Tuesday night I had a horrible cold and flu.  I somehow made the flight home but spent the next several days in bed.  Of course I'm on the road again until Wednesday night and today is the first day I feel almost normal, except I'm tired.  So practice will resume Thursday after a 13 day break.

Of course this hamstring injury was pretty severe so slow to start and caution are the best remedies.  The game plan will be to run and lift heavy for two weeks and when I can sprint without pain or caution, I will start to jump from 2 strides/4 steps on my 13'1" poles.  Last year before my breakthrough I spent extended time on these poles before moving on.  That's the plan.  Hopefully I can jump at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on March 2, and that be the last day on my 13'1" poles.  That's the new target. Thanks for being here.  Bubba

Back to basics for me means going home - Alvin Lee & Ten Years After at Woodstock - "I'm Going Home" -

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