Monday, April 7, 2014

Hint at Maturity!!

This is a rare week home without travel, and the week I'm supposed to blast my body.  But I can't.  Well I can but I shouldn't.  I'm in that ramp up phase where I sometimes just overstep the boundaries of what my body is ready to take. 

Last week I had a little cramp brewing in my upper right lat from powering through bars with straight legs and locked hips.  YAY - I'm strong enough to do that.  BOO - I shouldn't have done so many.  On Friday I got a very small strain in my right side around my lower ribs from too much starting weight on my overhead straight arm reverse lat pull.  Nothing major but it's there.  Still don't know what the heck is the deal with this left inside of leg thing that would let me vault but not run three steps on a stride afterwards.  I'm stronger than my body is ready to accept so more ramp up is in order. This is only the beginning of week six of my 12 week "conditioning".

It doesn't matter what any of these things are because they are all manageable.  But one thing is for certain; they will do better with rest rather than me slamming them just because I'm home this week.  So I will do my abs and get in several extended stretch and recovery days and give jumping a go again on Friday.  Thanks again for all of your support and continued interest!!  Bubba

PS - I jump in World Masters Athletics on August 14, 2015 in Lyon, France.  Final World Rankings had me finish 4th in the M55 and 2nd in the M60 outdoors for 2013, and 2nd in the M60 indoors for 2014.  Schedule/Rankings just posted.  Have a great day!

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