Friday, April 18, 2014

Almost There?!

Today I feel totally healthy like I could vault.  Once you turn the corner on one of these little strains it gets better really fast.  It feels like 60-70% of the recovery is just getting past the point where you can easily suffer a setback.  I'm there now, which is a very dangerous place.  I'll continue to exercise caution and try not to do anything stupid in my rejuvenated enthusiasm.  Otherwise felt very strong on lifting today!

I've had the pleasure of hosting elite vaulter, Shawn Francis this week as he prepares for Mt. Sac.  Unbelievably awesome guy!  Had a great time with tons of really enlightening conversations about pretty much anything.  Kick butt tomorrow Shawn!  Bubba

Santana With Rob Thomas - "Smooth" -

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