Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blind Squirrel!!

Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a peanut.
I'm going away on a "family vacation" on Tuesday afternoon.  Before then I travel on business until Tuesday morning.  Yep! Going to be a tight connection. 

In any case, about five minutes before I went to the track today I reasoned that if I "were" going to try and jump that today would be the better day because if I run or lift today I won't feel good enough on Saturday or Sunday.  So I took my bag to the track.  I figured I would do five sleds and see how my body felt.  If that went OK and the wind wasn't horrible, I would try to get in an easy vault session.  Here's what happened;
  • 12'4"/3.75m/160 from 2 lefts/4 steps/22' - 9'7"/2.92m EASY.  WOW!!
  • Same pole I couldn't quite get in for 10'/1"/3.07m because I had moved my grip up.
  • Moved back to 3 lefts/6 steps/33' and made 10' but the pole was too small.
  • Moved up to the 165 and made 10'7"/3.22m and 11'1/3.37m very easily.  Couldn't get in at 11'7"/3.53m because I moved my grip up.
  • Moved back to 4 lefts/8 steps/43' and made it easy on the next pole, the 170.
  • Had two close jumps at 12'1"/3.69m.
  • Stopped with 8 total jumps, 6 bars attempted and 5 bars cleared.
Smart enough to stop with nothing hurting.  Now THAT was worth the wait.  My biggest hope was to clear some bars on the smallest pole and maybe get a take off with no bar on the 2nd pole.  When I cleared a bar from 22', when last time I needed 43' of approach run, I knew that all of my work was paying off.  Great control of my technique.  Overjoyed with the progress!!  Thanks so much for hanging with me.  I'M 100% WELL!!  Bubba

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