Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board?!

Long story short, I couldn't jump today.  On my 5th and final bleacher ramp before I went to get my poles I felt the cramp on the inside of my leg again and stopped.  Pisses me off but not that unexpected.

I did this same thing in the early spring of 2009, got a strain in this seemingly innocuous place.  I kept screwing with it and turned it into an injury.  Because of that I'm cutting my odds right now by not challenging it at all for probably four weeks.  Considering that this is week six, and my plan was 12 weeks to great fitness, I'm still within my target area as long as I pay attention now.

So this weird type of little injury feels like nothing.  In fact you can't even remember what leg it's on and then suddenly, it's like a little "Click" and it goes off and the healing clock starts over.  Fortunately I stopped after one step of feeling it this morning so it's pretty good.

So was this a good move or was I playing with fire this morning?  WELL, last Thursday I felt it yet I could jump Sunday, only two days later, but it flared on my strides afterwards.  So I'm thinking if it felt fine to jump after two days then why not give it four?  Obviously not enough.

The plan is to go back to sleds tomorrow, even if I have to walk all 10.  I will slowly build up from there and when I can sprint with no limitation I will vault. 

I have a lot more to say here but I'm going to hold it and see how I feel tomorrow.  As always, thanks for being here.  YES it's frustrating but all I know is I keep cranking away at my other training, and therefore I keep getting stronger and faster even when I can't run or jump.  At some point the balance will return and I will be ready for big jumps. Thanks again!  Bubba

Aerosmith - "Eat the Rich" - - One of my favorite Aerosmith songs and fun to play on guitar as well.

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