Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moving Forward!!

In my last entry I stated that I felt I was turning the corner on this inside leg strain, and noted that once that happens things get better pretty fast.  WOW!!  Today I ran my 10 sleds and felt I could have easily run at least 30% harder without an issue. Of course I did not.  In fact I stayed probably 20% under what I absolutely know would work and everything felt great.  I will run these same rotations again on Thursday and Saturday.  At that point I have a little family vacation and will come back 100%.  It's like a giant breath of fresh air to know that at the eight week mark (out of the planned 12), that I'm real close to being well and at another level physically.  Thanks for being here and have a great Easter!  Bubba

ZZ Top - "Just Got Paid - Live" -

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