Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving Forward?!

As planned I took it super easy on my bleacher ramps so I could at least try to do some jogging plants on the ground before anything flared up.  As I went to get the pit and shed open, I just had a feeling I might be OK to try to vault on a really low level.  I got my first new pole, a UST/Essx Recoil 12'4/3.75m/160 and started at two steps (one stride) or 11'/3.35m for my run length.  That seemed to go OK as nothing flared or jumped out at me.  I moved back a stride to four steps/two strides and moved the grip up a little each jump for a few vaults. 

Still being super careful I decided to put a bar up at 8'6/2.60m for the heck of it. I made it but didn't get in very well so I moved back to 31'/six steps/three strides and made 9'6/2.90m.  At this point I'm not liking that I have to try and run hard at all so I moved back to 42'/eight steps/four strides so I could just jog in and still have pole speed.  Made 10'/3.05, 10'6/3.20m and 11'/3.35m all on first jumps and stopped.

Here's the contrast.  I took five jumps and cleared five bars, the last being a foot higher than I jumped in Colorado Springs.  Then three steps into my 50m stride afterwards I felt that inside leg cramp and stopped.  Went to the gym and lifted regular medium/heavy weight load and had no issues.  Whatever it is I can vault and it will certainly go away.

My plan now is to try and jump Friday.  I figure I had only two days between my initial cramp and today's jumping and that will give me four days off it.  After that I have eight days until the next vault session, so progressively it will get better as I continue to ramp up my vaulting.

Finally, the new pole is OUSTANDING!! It is so thin and light it feels like a toy, but when it comes back it means business.  I love my Essx Recoil poles but this may be my favorite one right off the bat.  I shouldn't be able to make 11' on a 12'4/160 but this pole is so smooth to bend and responsive.  Can't wait to be healthy enough to jump on it from closer runs, and then move to the next two bigger poles!  I really think I can jump on the first one from 2L/4 steps and the last from 3L/6 steps and that will give me some serious blow.  Thanks Bruce Caldwell and UST/Essx!!  Bubba

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