Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy Weekend

Once a month we do a big mailing project for the company and it is this weekend. Well, what used to be an easy weekend now starts Thursday and ends Monday. It doesn't change my workout schedule but just my ability to communicate much more than the basic.

Don had a good day at practice yesterday, getting on some poles he hasn't been on for two years. It's been a long slow process back for him as several physicians have spent the better part of those two years guessing what is going on with his groin pain. I still think it's a hernia as I have had three. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of stress to make it pop out for the doctor so they don't think it is that. STUPID!! We've all had it, just fix it. Nothing else they have tried has worked either and that would be far cheaper and a quicker recovery than this simple injection followed by a month of nothing. Anyway, the 2007 National Senior Olympics Champion is on the way back up.

We jump at 8 AM next Saturday outside of Dallas. I really like this meet and hope to come in feeling well. Yesterday's 10 X 50m sled/hills felt good and this morning I go lift legs for the last time. Hoping for the best.

Have a great day and thanks so much for your support. You are very important to me!! Bubba

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