Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OUCH!! Maybe!

Yesterday I lifted arms and shoulders and it KILLED. I've just added this back in to protect against injuries as I hit bigger poles. OK strength but ZERO endurance.

And if that is not enough, I carried my guitar amp in its box from the back of Best Buy to my car, over 100 yards, and all night I could feel the throbbing in the glute/hip thing. Hopefully that passes but it certainly woke up the nerve pain.

My physician says I just need to do the stuff I do and ignore it. Last time I did that I was on big poles and it actually jerked the hip free and it was a great relief. Hoping that happens on Saturday.

Today is my road day but I will do sled/hills this afternoon and then get a big stretch in. More soon. Thank you for being here! Bubba

Late Add - This morning I had pretty bad nerve pain putting on my right sock. By the middle of the day I feel pretty normal. Never felt it on my sled/hills. Don't get it but I like it.

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