Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming Around - Entered NSG

The jury will be out on jumping tomorrow until I get warmed up. My guess is 50/50 since I have been sick and have not done one thing since my meet on Saturday. I won't take a chance if it doesn't feel right.

I entered the National Senior Games today. I jump here in Houston on June 20, 2011. That will be my main target meet at this point. I have the World Masters Championships a few weeks later in Sacramento and I'm hoping for the best there. The fact is that I am in the middle of a couple of big work projects that could possibly cause a relocation about that time. I'll train like I'm going and figure it out when I get closer. These things drag out so it could be never or it could be in a month. Nevertheless, it takes up a lot of my time right now so the only one I'm positive of is the one in my own hometown.

Got a meet in Belton (near Austin) on 1/1/11 that I'm looking forward to. Last year I jumped 13' 1" (3.99m) and had a good attempt at the American Record of 13' 7" (4.14m). I feel I'm ready so it's important to be safe tomorrow and feel good for that meet.

I'll report back tomorrow and have some more info on other things that have been on my mind. Thank you for being here with me! Bubba

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