Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Day Back to Training

I finally felt good enough to exercise so I went to the track and did my 8 X 50m sled/hill runs. I didn't take my gym bag because I didn't want to talk myself into vaulting. I guess it is more like I didn't want to have to try and talk myself OUT of vaulting. Everything feels good and healthy but having been sick and had no activity since the meet Saturday, I thought I might be at risk trying to jump from 8 steps on the 14' 7s (4.45m), which would be my only reason to vault.

The technical things I want to change are more a state of mind and are a one session fix so I've decided that I will just do that at the meet in Belton (near Austin) on January 1. The important thing is to feel good that day. Surprisingly I was able to run the sled/hills pretty hard today without much effort. Well, except for the shortness of breath that comes with an 80 degree December day. Yep, weird weather. On Christmas, my next big running day, it will be 39-52, but this morning it was already 77 by 9 AM. I'll take that all winter but of course it will soon change to cold and wet.

More stuff soon. Have a great day and thanks for being here! Bubba

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