Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet Tomorrow

Our indoor meet tomorrow in Granbury, Texas, near Dallas-Fort Worth, is put on by Club Altius. It's a great event and this year will have three runways with the vaulting starting at 8 AM tomorrow and probably will go until about 10 PM. Tonight there is a clinic featuring two Olympians, Erica Bartolina and April Steiner-Bennett. Super girls and athletes.

I started getting a little bit of a cold and through the night was fairly miserable through sinus and throat. I don't feel physically weak so I'm going on the assumption I'll be fine tomorrow.

It's about 4.5 hours driving and we will all see each other at the meet hotel, drop poles at the facility and get some rest. That area of Texas has a few facilities like this that are indoor football training facilities complete with padded AstroTurf. Really an awesome set up to jump at. More from the scene when we get there. Have a great day and thank you for hanging here with me. Bubba

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