Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dead Legs!!

I see I missed yesterday's post but it was more of the same with the upper body grind.  Today on my sleds and lifting I felt particularly dead legged for some reason.  Whatever - I just stay within myself.  Even as I got warmed up and was able to run faster, I barely noticed the groin issue that I stopped for last week in Gran Haven.  I haven't decided if I will try and jump next weekend or the following week yet.  Looking forward to it but right now I need the conditioning stuff.  Should be back to my regular benchmark weights on all lifts tomorrow.  Progress.

Yesterday Bob Crites won my division at nationals with 11'5/3.48m.  Second was Carl Huff at just under 11' and third was Terry Woodward, who I jumped with at Grand Haven, around 10' I think.  Congrats to these great friends of mine!  Bubba

Bouncing Souls - "Night on Earth" -

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