Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goals!? Jump Higher From All Runs!!

My overall goal is to try and jump at any level twice a week in conjunction with my other regular training.  I'm of the opinion that I need "vault conditioning", so just like you start a lifting program with light weights, I start this program with light poles. Over time you slowly raise the level and end up on bigger poles and lifting heavier weights.  Again, I'm convinced that most of my vault dings are from not enough jumping so I will "baby step" this thinking until I can do something significant.  Apparently part of that happened today.

My goal was to try and duplicate Sunday's session from my 2 lefts/4 steps/22' run, without flaring my groin.  I used my 12'4"/155 for 9"6", 10' and 10'6" again on first jumps, then decided to try my 12'4"/160.  I have never been able to go at a bar on that pole from the 2/4, hence my order of the 155.  Today it happened and I got 11' on my 2nd attempt after a wuss bailout on jump one that I should have stayed with.

So five total jumps today with four clearances and very good technique.  Previous to today I had not jumped 11'/3.36m from 2/4 in ages but it is a benchmark required for me to be able to jump 12'/3.66m again from my 3/6/33' run.  Goals?  What I did today was actually my goal in a week for next Thursday.  Sunday and Thursday I hope to get some decent shots at 12' on my 12'4"/165 & 170 from 3/6/33", then stop jumping until Ft. Collins. 

So far so good for my plan.  As stated before, I'm early for next year as this is not the type of training you would be expecting while meets are going on.  You would expect this more in September/October.  I'll take it as progress!  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

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