Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wanna Be a Mile High Cowboy!!

I was listening to my music while lifting in my garage this morning and two great sounds came on; "8 Miles High "by the Byrds, and "Cowboy" by Kid Rock -

To most people this isn't relevant, but to me it was pretty ironic.  My next meet is outside of Denver, the Mile High City, in the college and cowboy town of Ft. Collins.  What makes this meet special is that Colorado State University does not want to move their HJ and PV pits outside for this meet so we get an "indoor mark" in late August.  Not only that, it counts as a 2015 mark since 2014 technically ended on March 31.  So on December 1, of this year, when the 2015 rankings start, we will already have a mark. 

I first heard about this from Kay Glynn, many time WR holder.  I went last year and won a nice award for outstanding vaulter of the meet.  It was my very first day on my Essx Carbon Recoils and I was on the 13'7"s.  This time, unless something squirrely happens, I'm going I on 14'1"s hoping fore better things.

People ask me all of the time why people jump higher outdoors than indoors.  I explain that indoors is at the first of the year so people aren't as far along in their development.  I used to joke that if you gave us an indoor meet in August you would see some bigger marks.  So there you go.  I'll be a Mile High Cowboy on Sunday, August 24. Have a great Saturday!!  Bubba

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