Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soul Sacrifice?!

Mixed but positive day.  I jumped on my new and smallest 3.75m/12'4" pole that Bruce Caldwell brought out for me to the Masters PV Symposium.  Of course I loved it but had a difficult time finding out what it will truly be like, because when the kids set the pit up they have the front piece over the box by 3", thus stopping the pole and causing it to straighten prematurely.  Still I jumped 9'6, 10' and 10'6 on first jumps and stopped with no groin issues.  We will fix the pit tomorrow and I'll give it another shot Thursday.

Today as I saw the Tour de France race enter Paris, it reminded me that I only have until 7/31 to get a 10% discount entering World Masters next year in Lyon, France.  So I entered.  I jump on August 15, 2015, but I am entered.  In fact I'm the only vaulter of any age or gender entered.  At least I can start off first.  ;-)

Here's a young Carlos Santana at Woodstock with his then 16 year old drummer - "Soul Sacrifice" -

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