Monday, July 14, 2014

Grand Haven Beach Vault!!

Unbelievable experience.  Meet management to the helpers to the spectators could not have been more perfect.  These guys were not only not stressed about the event, they actually had a good time making sure that we did.  Long story short, I have a new summer "home meet" - the Grand Haven Beach Vault.  HUGE thanks to Kevin Patterson, Dave Meott and Evert Geerlings!!

Before the "story", here's the result - 1st jump 12' on my biggest 13'7"/4.15m pole (173.8 lb), which was too small for 53', so I'm now out of poles since I didn't bring my 14'1"s/4.30ms.  TREMENDOUS set up and runway with a fantastic tailwind.  I stopped as I felt a little groin weakness at take off.  Not quite a ding because I stopped, and certainly not an injury.

As great as the GHBV was, the process for me getting to a from was a comedy of errors in a not always so funny way.
  1. My 11 AM flight left at 5:15 PM.  The next morning I would get a $200 credit via email.
  2. Weather forecasted rain for the entire day I would jump.  It waited until we were done.
  3. Fire alarm went off in my hotel in Chicago at 1 AM and I had to trek down and then up six flights of stairs.
  4. Couldn't check in poles until two hours before the flight (9:10 AM check in).  I found this out when I arrived at 6:30 AM, over 2,5 hours early.
  5. Couldn't return the rental car because I couldn't leave the poles.  Couldn't take the poles because I couldn't get them back after rental car return.
  6. Paid a fellow passenger $25 to babysit my poles while I took car back.
  7. When I checked bags they said I had not been ticketed, even though I had been issued a boarding pass.  Huh?
  8. At the gate I was told they couldn't take my poles.  I told them they got them here and they would have to get them back.  They did.
  9. Then I was told my boarding pass said I wasn't ticketed and can't board the plane.  I told them that was at 6:30 AM and had been resolved as their error.
  10. In Denver I got my boarding pass renewed to avoided the same hold up.
I'll trade all the bad and inconvenience for the good.  I travel all of the time and this stuff just never happens.  Grand Haven Beach Vault is the place to be.  Can't wait for next year!!  Bubba

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