Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hope & Numb?!

Hope & Numb?!

Some of these are going to be long and some short.  There will skipped days and catch up days.  Please bookmark and hang in with me.  Thanks for coming along on the ride.  Always glad to hear from you.

Hope & Numb?!  I know this sounds weird, but bear with me.  As mentioned yesterday, my training is not a plan, but a work in action.  I build hope by the expected result, but the execution itself ranges between detachment and intense focus, which leaves me comfortably "Numb".  

There is a satisfaction in turning what may seem like monotony into a focused challenge.  I never look ahead to the next exercise or even the next set or rep.  I get everything out of every rep and every set as if that one item were a workout in its entirety.  This keeps me engaged.

My music is the escape, just like you feel on a long jog or bike ride.  By the end I have a sense of not just survival, but accomplishment. This feeling causes me spiritually to "submit".  In physical terms this would be the same has walking across the room and hitting your toe very hard on a coffee table, in that the pain is so great that you bend over or drop to your knees in submission to the pain. Exercise makes me physically, mentally and spiritually "submit", which helps to keep me sane.  Well somewhat sane.

My workouts leave me physically and mentally spent in the most pleasant way because I always stay within myself.  This means I stay within about 60-80% of what I think I'm capable of on any given day.  One day 100 lbs/40kg feels really light, and other days it feels heavy.  

I adjust my intensity load to ramp up from 60-80% of what I think I can do perfectly on any given day, without regard to the numbers on the weights. Just because I lifted something last time, and it feels heavy today, does not matter to me.  I simply adjust my scale up or down to match the desired perceived intensity I'm targeting.

The bottom line is every day is a victory, and "another brick in the wall".  The satisfaction of these combined efforts, and resulting aura, is a peaceful numbness that I enjoy and feel I deserve.   And this brings me full circle back to "Hope".  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Linkin Park - Numb

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