Monday, August 7, 2017

My Current Training

My Training
Here's the breakdown of what I do for my training, along with some notes.  BTW I know it's hard to leave comments so please comment on Facebook under Bubba Sparks, or private message me via Facebook Messenger. Thank you!!

General lifting rules - 8,6,4 until I can do 3X8.  When I can do 3X8 comfortably with great form, I move up and revert back to 8,6,4 until I again can do 3X8, then move up again.  This isn't a "plan"; this IS my training.  These days and rotations have changed a number of times to find what works for me consistently so here is the final product.  Stretch between all sets.  ENJOY!!

Sunday/Wednesday - Vault &/or Run
I run a series of 14 week speed development programs created by my friend, Jim Hiserman.  I start and end with 3X40m hills.
I will run this 14 week cycle three times before Malaga.  Week one began yesterday.  14 week cycle one - no ankle weights for weeks 1-4; 1.5 lb. ankle weights for weeks 5-8 and 2.5 lb. ankle weights for the last six weeks.

On cycle two I will go 7 weeks with 1.5 lb. ankle weights, and 7 with 2.5.  I will do the last cycle with 2.5 lb. ankle weights for all 14 weeks.  NOTE - for the past three years I have only used the 2.5s.

Gym - Seated & Standing Calf - Abs = Machines

Monday/Thursday - Lift 

Bench/Lat Pull Superset - on the lat pull super set, one set = wide hands/palms away, followed immediately by hands close and palms facing.  Both exercises = one set.
Power Sets - One giant set of standing curl, upright row, overhead press and lateral fly.  These four exercises are back to back with no break and make up one set.  On set two I start with the 2nd exercise, and set three I start with the third.  This makes me fatigued at a different place each set.
Concentration Curl/Lying Triceps Press; Close Hand Bench Superset.  Just like it says, I alternated between the curl and the triceps superset.
Leg Extension/Lying Leg Curls
Abs - Dip Bar Bubkas - Doing Bubkas on a high bar are uselss because you can't extend past vertical because the bar is in the way.  Try this on a P-Bar in the gym and you will get great results.  Again I do 3X5 with 2.5 ankle weights -

Tuesday/Friday - Lift 

Incline/High Bar Front Lever to vertical - NO SWING or hip/knee break.  Hang, force your hands down and your hips up until you are vertical.  I do 3X5 with 2.5 lb. ankle weights except lock off at vertical.
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down/Standing Cable Triceps Pushdown - and then your standard push down.  This is all one set.
Incline Bench Alternate Dumbbell Curl
Lying Leg Press or Hack Squat

Saturday - Vault Drills - All on a huge 5.10 pole gripping 5m

10XEach - Standing - right hand pole drop, left hand pole drop, both hand pole drop
Walking 6 step plant, Walk three strides/6 steps and run plant, run all steps
Hurdle Take Offs - Slide the pole and hit a heavy slide box that will knock you on your ass if your body isn't stiff and your arms locked straight.  I use a sled with a board in front of it.  Five take offs each with these focus;
Reach out of joint and drive the pole with hard first top hand contact, right then left, now hold your split.

Music is a big part of what gets me through training.  Today's selection is Alter Bridge - "Addicted to Pain"

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