Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Speed Work

Speed Work

I'm on day two of week one of Jim Hiserman's running program.  I have done thos program many, many times so obviously it works.  ;-) I warm up and warm down with 3X40m hills. 

I'm running the first six weeks with no ankle weights, the next four with 1.5 lbs and the last four with 2.5 lbs.  For the past three years I have not run a step without the 2.5 weights, sleds or hills unless I was on the runway.

Because of this I feel very fast on these runs.  I have to be super careful not to get hurt.  I'll explain the weighted components at a later date when I get to them, but here's the principle.

You can not significantly increase your one rep max by doing sets of 10, but you can greatly increase your maximum number of reps by lifting 8,6,4,2.  On the running side, never running further than 40m, but always with at least one form of resistance, usually two, I can run a very fast (for me) 200m.  So lifting heavier not only makes you stronger, it greatly increases your speed endurance without the pounding of track workouts.

I found this song  and guitar lesson from Chris Dahl in 2011.  Always a good training song.  "Love Me" by Chris Dahl

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