Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Mix Up

I got up in plenty of time to train but changed my program midstream by mixing the bigger parts of two sessions into one.  I will do the complimentary pieces that I skipped today later in the week?  Why?  I want to be fresh on Sunday so I hit the big heavy exercises today and will do the secondary exercises later.  Obviously the bigger lifts create strength, power and coordination, but it's the smaller secondary exercises that keep me conditioned and help me not to get hurt as easily.  I consider them more like "speed endurance" or short interval training as it could relate to running.  In any case, I had a great session and enjoyed the process.

Off to the school to help the kids who are on spring break.  I also need to get the info on the shipping dock here so I can send my poles to Texas in a couple of weeks. That time of year; shipping poles?  More on this later but I have a lot of thoughts about this year and how next year will be different.  I absolutely need to do what I'm doing this year to be able to "survive" what I will put myself through later.  Thanks for being here and have a great day!  Bubba

For the late Ronnie Montrose - "Space Station #5".  Of course Sammy Hagar is the better singer.  ;-)

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