Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy Day / Stretching

Easy stretching today.  I'm feeling pretty good overall so I'm tapering down properly I guess.  When I did my bars yesterday with the ankle weights it felt WAY to easy so that's a good sign.  Bleacher ramps could have been run much faster but that didn't feel like a smart thing to do so I stayed conservative.

As I've mentioned before, it seems like a straight hard 2-3 weeks of daily training is all my body can take before it needs a rotation break.  I'll have this meet Sunday, go to Denver and then come back and hit it hard Wednesday afternoon on until I go to Texas the following Thursday.  After that I will take a phase break as I move the rest of our stuff from Texas to California. Three days in a truck right after I jump in a big meet should feel really good, huh?

The very next Monday I'm off to Denver for four days for my big deal.  While there I'll be able to ramp back up my training and establish what I will do when I'm in town.  Of course I have access to gyms but the physical therapy company I'm contracting with for these two big orthopedic groups have a sports emphasis so I'm sure they will have some decent weight training stuff.  New adventures anyway.

Have a great day and thanks for caring!  Bubba

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