Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gorgeous Weekend in Southern California

Believe it or not we have had rain three of the last four weekends so it was nice to get back to "normal".  Workout went OK today but I moved the running up to today rather than tomorrow and found myself needing to cut it a little short.  Too sore and beat up from the every other day grind and all of the standing yesterday.

I'm trying to spread my work/rest this week and I felt like running tomorrow might give me a better plan rather than having to run harder later in the week.  I dd my gym lifting and bars as planned but skipped the garage lift. That will be tricky as I need to do both garage lifts tomorrow but the kids have practice at 9:30 because of spring break.

Overall my body feels pretty good but I really need to get a bunch of stretching in this week.  I'll report back tomorrow but it may be a double - Garage 1 in the AM and Garage 2 in the PM.  We will see.  Thanks for being here!  Bubba

Beach Boys - Wouldn't it Be Nice -

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