Friday, April 6, 2012


We have had a ton of whales spotted here this year.  Captain Dave from Dana Point Harbor was on the Ellen show yesterday talking about it.  Please click to enlarge.

I took yesterday off because I had a little twinge in my right deltoids on my last incline set on Tuesday.  It ached a TON that first night and has felt better over the past two days.  Still I wanted to be careful and go real light.  So I put on my shoes and got up to push myself off the bed and STING, there it is again.  Oh well; I'm going to find out where I am.  And I did.  Nothing!  Didn't feel it one bit on my power sets; a hellish combination of curl, upright row, overhead press, and dumbbell lateral fly.  Set one I do 8 of each of those exercises with no break so it's a set of 32 reps.  Then 6, then 4, all with heavier weights.  NEVER felt a thing.  AWESOME!!

I've been running my 10 X 50m stadium ramps every other day, knowing that at some point it will catch up to me and I will start to feel like I'm tearing down.  Not yet today.  If I get past Sunday that will give me five sessions or 50 reps over a 10 day period.  I'll do 6 on Wednesday and be ready for my meet on Sunday.

The ding under my right leg pops up every now and then but I never feel it when I'm running and certainly some of my running s very hard.  I'll just trust it and keep training without vaulting until the meet next Sunday.

I'm shipping my poles to my coach, Kris Allison's house for the Texas meet.  Right after the meet I am driving a rental truck back out with our remaining belongings.  The sale of our house will close 5/15 so I need to get the stuff out.  It will give me a chance to see my dad, but it also means I don't have to ship the poles back as they will be in the truck.

That's it for now.  pretty uneventful but a nice comfortable routine of consistent training.  Have a great evening and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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