Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Slips By

It always amazes me how much you can gain and how far you can slide when you are leading up to or coming off of a big meet.  I try to always stay within "striking distance" of a big jump - 4-8 weeks.  As masters athletes we train for meets like fighters train for fights.  We can't do it effectively week in and week out without either injury or losing conditioning so we have to pick targets on the horizon.

In four weeks I will jump at my alma mater, Texas State University, in the first alumni vault at their big invitational meet.  In two weeks I will jump at a local masters meet.  I'm in striking distance of a decent jump in two weeks and of a big jump in four weeks.  Once my jump is on, then I focus more on fitness, running, lifting and bars so that I can magnify what I am already doing correctly with my vault. 

Ten days ago I had my best practice since I arrived in California.  Six days ago I got on my 1465 from 6 steps.  Now the only thing I accomplish by jumping is the risk of injury.  So time ticks away and as I edge toward a couple of good shots to get a decent jump.  All the bets this Sunday.  Thanks for your support.  Bubba

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