Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenges Ahead!

I may not feel completely ready for this adventure to Texas but my poles left today.  Chris at Flyaway poles had them picked up from Dana Hills High School coach, Craig Dunn this afternoon.  I haven't shipped poles to a meet since Reno but it seems longer than that. 

In any case, good lifting and stretching today.  My mind is getting ready for the higher level jumps I hope and need to get.  The little hamstring thing is not noticeable and I still have eight days so I'm glad I stopped when I did at the last meet.  Feeling optimistic.  At least I think so since I'm already planning on starting on bigger poles and skipping over the one I should use at 13' to go to the one I KNOW I can make it on if I hit it.  If not I won't get in.  I guess with that type of mentality I'm not expecting the hammy to be an issue.

I'm going to Denver again Monday and get home Wednesday and leave for Texas on Thursday. Of course I have business at both places.  On Sunday I fly to Houston, have breakfast with my dad, stay one last night at our old house in Texas, and then load up Monday morning for a three day drive to California with the last of our stuff.  I normally take a one rotation break after a big meet anyway so this will fit perfect for me to return to training on Thursday.

I often question this "train through" this year mentality but until my business life settles in, caused by my upgraded efforts associated with the move to California, I have no choice.  Seems like I'm doing OK, but I can't wait to get through the summer and stabilize into some overpowering training.  I've gotten better at making the time and being accountable to my training, but I have to be careful not to get distracted or sidetracked.  I always feel so much better when I train so that is becoming my refuge from the hectic work pace.

Have a great evening and thank you for your support!  Bubba
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