Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation? Hardly!

The Bobcat Invitational at Texas State University begins tomorrow and has 17 schools participating including Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, University of Houston, etc.  There are 24 vaulters and I am the only "Alumni" at our "Alumni Vault".  What happened to all of those younger/older vaulters who were going to jump?  Of course I'm first on the start list -  I think I'll probably warm up and do the first part of my meet during warm up and be ready to try and start at 13' if needed.  Not like I'll be waiting around long to jump.  This will be hairy.  I guess the good news is that they flopped us with the girls to jump at 1:30 instead of 10 AM so that should give us a tailwind.  Oh man!!!  At 58 I'm jumping in a college invitational?!  It was supposed to be a fun little meet of alumni in a separate division.  As they say in Texas, "Oil Well".  Bubba
Ozzy - "Mama I'm Coming Home" -
Event 28  Men Pole Vault
     Name                        Year School                               
Flight 1  Finals
  1  Sparks, Doug                     Alumni                     
  2  Marvin, Ben                      Texas State                
  3  Rich, Matt                       Tamu-Commerc               
  4  Lewandowski, Seth                Oklahoma                   
  5  Nell, Carter                     Texas State                
  6  Lantelme, Cody                   Texas State                
  7  Leon, Francisco                  Unattached                 
  8  Sandman, Colton                  Texas A&M                  
  9  Ardoin, Lance                    McNeese Stat               
10  Harlin, Clifton                  Texas A&M                  
11  Tomasini, Kyle                   Utsa                       
12  Huddleston, Jake                 Oklahoma                   
13  Ferguson, Landon                 Texas State                
14  Phillips, Dustin                 Texas A&M                  
15  Reiter, Keith                    Unattached                 
16  Wicker, Casey                    Texas                      
17  Reed, Taylor                     Utsa                       
18  Clark, Hayden                    Texas                      
19  Mahnke, Michael                  Houston                    
20  Brown, Bryan                     Houston                    
21  Wehr, Jordan                     Unat-North T               
22  Thomas, Mark                     Texas                      
23  Bentley, Alex                    Team Elite A               
24  Cunningham, Logan                Texas State

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