Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old Lesson Revisited

I believe that anyone who has ever done anything at a high level understands what it takes to do the same no matter what the event or goal. My wife, Nancy is a retired Principal of an elementary school. I relate well to her because I know what excellence it requires to reach and succeed at that level.

Today the kids got out early to vault because they had midterms. The first kid asked how long we would be and I said as long as it takes. He told me he was tired from class. I asked what he would have done had he been required to go the whole day today like every other day. Another said he was tired from his track class and another said he had already run sleds. To the group I told them that this is a club event, not a school event and therefore not required so if you aren't ready to be here please go home. I'm here to help only those who want to be the best. Not only do I do this for free but I actually pay to use the field in order to help them. So go away if you're not really into it. I asked where one guy was and they said he didn't want to come out today. I said great, tell him not to come out next week.

The reason I am telling this story is because there was a rather heavy kid in the middle of the football field and he was walking and banging a drum stick on a wood block in rhythm so that his friend, a little skinny band guy, could practice his marching routine with his horn. They went over and over this for nearly an hour. My first thought was my original point, that this is what it takes to be at the highest level of anything and this kid clearly gets it. His performance and improvement are so important to him that he is practicing alone on a field when everyone else has gone home. I liked this guy. Wonder if he would be interested in pole vaulting.

We have such a weird sport in that we would do it whether anyone ever came to see us in a meet or practice. We don't care who's there, where it is, etc. We just want to vault. Because I train almost always alone I know the fitness walkers pretty well. Don't know their names but we wave and speak to each other. I've seen them keep showing up and losing weight, listening to their music. I guess my point is that this is what it is all about; a lifetime activity that you can do forever that doesn't really require anyone else to be involved. I've got a lot in common with the band guy and those walkers and I like that. I bet they are really successful in other areas too.

That's it. Just random thinking out loud. Enjoy what you do or go home and find something else that you enjoy. Life's to short not to have fun every day. Have a great day and thank you for being here. Bubba

PS - ran my 5 X hill/sleds and felt pretty good. Big stretch tomorrow and Saturday. Texas Senior Games on Sunday morning. Top four go to National Senior Olympics next year at the University of Houston.

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