Friday, October 8, 2010

Waiting to Leave

Don took this picture of the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort. Click to enlarge.

We will leave the house about 10 this morning and head to Portland where we will spend the day before our 7 AM flight on Saturday. Portland is a very small airport so security takes forever unless you go real early. Also when you spend most of the day in transit to and from airports and up in the air, I'd rather do it first thing in the morning. I meet Don at 5 AM Sunday to head to our meet so it's even more important to get in early and get some rest. Not to mention that I need to go and load up the poles.

It's been a nice getaway and we've seen a lot of family and friends. Last night was the first night that Nancy and I had alone and it felt strange. That in itself is strange because almost every other trip we do it is just the two of us, so this trip is the exception.

We have done more traveling this year, in part, because we lost Nancy's mom, June, in January. June lived with us and therefore we never went anywhere unless she could go too. I hope that when/if I'm 93 I can and will do half of the stuff she did. Great lady and a joy to be around. It was tough for Nancy and her brother at times being here without her for the first time but they pulled together and made it work.

I personally can't wait to get home and get back into training. Sure I have been training but I mean a dependable schedule of training instead of the constant adjustments I've had to make for a constantly changing schedule.

The meet schedule looks pretty good so far with 9 meets before I take a break and ramp up again for the big summer championship series;
10/10 - Waterloo near Austin
10/24 - Texas Senior Games - Houston
11/20 - Lone Star PV Age Graded Meet - New Braunfels
12/4 - Lone Star Season Opener (2011 marks begin counting on 12/1)
12/18 - Alitus Seasons Greeter - Granbury (near Dallas)
1/1 - Texas Elite PV Explosion - Belton - (near Austin)
1/15 - Texas Round Up & Corral - Joshua - (near Dallas)
1/29 - National Pole Vault Summit - Reno
3/5 - USA Track & Field Masters Indoor Nationals - Albuquerque

Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with our friend, Alan Launder and his family as he has just arrived back home after further heart procedures. I met Alan at the 1996 Olympics when he was having trouble getting into watch Simon Arkell at practice because he was a "Private Coach" and not the "Country Coach". I got him in as my guest and we have been friends ever since. Coincidentally that is also the day that we saw Sergey Bubka attempt 20' 8" (6.30m) over a bungee 6-8 times. All the best Alan and Jenny.

Have a great day and I will catch up with you soon. Thanks for being here!! Bubba

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