Saturday, October 23, 2010


When I go to Butler Stadium in Houston tomorrow for the Texas Senior Games, it will be the first time I have jumped there since 1978. I opened that day at 16' 6" (5.04m) and failed to make anything higher and was not happy. Later that year I cleared 18' 1" (5.51m) and retired at the end of the season. Contrast that to the fact that I also got my first 10' (3.05m) vault in that stadium and you can see a lot of history.

Bill Halverson told me that the Bell Curve of life is similar to the Bell Curve for vaulting. In life, if we live long enough we start and end drooling with no hair or teeth. In the pole vault you digress back through school. I vaulted 13' 10" (4.22m) as a junior in high school so I hope to exceed that this year. I vaulted 12' 9" as a sophmore so I certainly don't want to fall below that.

In any case, it will be fun to go back there 32 years later. Of course there will be a full report and hopefully I can get someone to video. have a wonderful Saturdy and thank you again for being here. Bubba

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