Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Return of the Rain

Don took this photo to prove that Fall is here in Maine. Click to enlarge.

Don and I went to the YMCA to run and stretch as scheduled so the rain didn't really change our plans. That said, it's raining. We both feel like we are about one day away from feeling pretty good in the legs. That is good timing since our meet is Sunday.

Found out today that the Texas Senior Games will be at a different stadium than we thought. Should be a little better winds but I doubt that will be a factor at 8 AM.

Sunday I plan to start at 10 steps so I will wait and see how that goes before I determine my start pole. Pretty much it is a choice of two but I prefer the larger one. I'll be disappointed if it's not.

Don and Gayle go home tomorrow and we head home Saturday. Slow day today as you can tell. Have a great day! Bubba

LATE ADD - Please follow former elite female pole vaulter Katie Stoever as she attempts to make the US Bobsled team -

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