Saturday, September 17, 2011

Less Is More

The goal today was to jog in from six steps 33' (10m), clear 11' (3.35m), a foot (30 cm) higher than Tuesday, and don't flare the healing hamstring.  Sometimes less is more as it took me three vaults to reach that goal.  Cleared 10' (3.05m), 10' 6" (3.20m) and 11' all on first jumps and stopped.  My leg feels very good but I don't think it's quite stable enough to push it further so I stopped.  I figure I'm not jumping until next Saturday so that would give me the final time of healing needed to be near 100%.

I had eight kids out this morning.  In a conversation with a couple of them I said, "I bet you know what pole you can jump each height on from each run".  They all said they did, of course.  So my next question was, "what pole will you jump a 1' PR on?"  Even though we are on short runs with small poles, NOW is the time to start thinking about what it will take physically and technically to get on a pole big enough to get a huge PR.  I know I'm thinking about it already for me.  Actually, I have already jumped on that pole once but this next time my grip will be up about 4" (10cm) higher.

In Texas we have been suffering hot days with no rain.  On the vault front, there will be LOTS of "storms" to weather as we work our way through training on the way to a successful year.  So I figure today an appropriate song for us is "Riders on the Storm" by the Doors.  Have a great day and thank you for being here!  Bubba

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