Sunday, September 25, 2011

Phase Break

Tomorrow I leave on the annual Fall vacation and will miss training Monday - Friday.  I'm surprised and pleased to be healthy, vaulting well and strong considering the sporadic month of training.  I cannot wait to get back to full on bust ass training when I return.

When I first started back this year I made two points;
  1. I take no time off after a season because it is too hard to make up what you lose, so smaller phase breaks give my body the rest and recovery it needs.
  2. When you take no time off you accumulate little dings and annoyances which fix themselves during these little breaks.
I PREFER to train long periods uninterrupted but at a certain point your body rebels.  Because of this I plan my travel around times when my body will probably need a break, or the week of a meet.  September was TOO screwed up as I traveled every week.  That said, I finished strong and healthy and I'm ready to rock when I get back.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for being here!  Bubba

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