Thursday, September 22, 2011


I woke up today and felt heavy and exhausted.  I went to the gym and didn't even make it in the door.  I left my fanny pack and music in the rental car in LA, I had no place to put my keys, felt tight in the hamstring, etc.  Every possible negative thought or situation rationalized my mind.  Of course I don't believe in BS excuses so I just call it what it is - a bad day.  Instead of forcing myself through the motions like I normally would, I just flat out bailed out and skipped training today.  Strangely I felt better calling it what it is.  Maybe because this very rarely happens, but it any case, I think everyone deserves a Mulligan every now and then and today is mine.  But I stop short of saying I'm only human as I don't want today to turn into a weakness.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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