Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let There Be Rock!!

Let There Be Rock - This is my little practice/travel amp for my guitar, which I have set up to play my mp3 - LOUD!!  Runs on batteries for vault sessions or plugs into the wall in the garage.

I decided not to run yesterday as my right Achilles was a little sore.  I haven't quite figured out why but I will.  After two Achilles surgeries I'm pretty quick at diagnosis and correction.  Today I woke up with no pain and had another great garage workout along with stride/skip/stretch.  I feel a little heavy but I still have a few days before the meet so I should be fine.  The good news is that my body felt fairly refreshed, like it's on the rebound, even though I lifted hard legs yesterday.  I'll take that any day on a Wednesday leading into a meet.

Last night I did my CPR/First Aid class for the Dana Hills High School Volunteer PV deal.  Tomorrow I do criminal check/fingerprinting and then I'm done.  I have meets the next three weekends and then that comes to an abrupt halt as kids start to have meets.  By that time I should be settled into a great training routine.  It will feel weird to have an outdoor mark this early in the year but that is a good problem.  Have a great evening and thank you so much for your support!  Bubba

ACDC - Let There Be Rock -

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