Friday, February 10, 2012

My Life - Out of Control?!?!

Well, not this much but it feels this way!

As you know I came back to California because of business opportunity.  To say that things have "panned out as hoped" is a terrific understatement.  This week, the large Beverly Hills based, national physician organization has drafted me from exclusive contractor for physical therapy services, to be their "Director" for all ancillary services on their behalf.  I still keep my PT services contract, but, oh by the way, will you help us on the national side of the rest of the revenue generators? After all, we have already built a national company so who better to help them?  That's a trick question right?  OF COURSE I will do this and I am honored to be asked!!

SO, I missed another workout today.  Don't worry, it's Hammer Time as I will do a double in the morning.  Thanks for your support and sorry to let you down.  Back to reality tomorrow.  Bubba

Hoobastank - "Out of Control" -

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