Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mad Scientist on the Crazy Train!!

Two shots from yesterday's meet, both makes - I only jumped from 4 steps - 22' (7m). 
Please click to enlarge. Thanks for the photos Marsha!!

After yesterday's meltdown I decided today would be a perfect day to have a running workout.  I don't think I could have felt any worse nor been any closer to being injured without doing so as yesterday, so WHY NOT try it out today?  That is just the type of thinking I have always embraced.  A former NFL player once told me that you have to go after your weak spots - DAILY!!  Another well know strength and power guru says if it's worth doing then do it every day.  Why not?  I couldn't have been more disappointed in my preparation for yesterday.  I deserved to feel like crap so went out today and make it worse.  Funny - I felt much better today than yesterday.  Nice to know.

Flash back to my sophomore year in college.  I had a split tendon on the top of my foot to the point that I could not stand and push up on my toe on my take off foot.  All year I worked around this with very limited training and jumped 8" (20cm) lower than my freshman year. The coaches thought I was lazy and ofcourse that infuriated me.  So after the conference meet I figured, what the hell.  Rest hasn't helped; let's go right at this foot and make it stand up or fall down.  I was tired of it not being bad enough that a doctor could do something.  Why not fix it or break it?  For the next four months I ran 50ish miles a week, got in tremendous shape and forgot which foot was hurt.  I PR'd by over a foot (30cm) that next year.  Same plan now!!

I have the California Senior Games on March 11, so I won't jump before then, but I also won't get the knee injected either until early in the week before I go.  Today I ran pretty hard for 8 X 100m with no issues other than residual soreness.  The knee only flares at take off on my vault and a cortisone shot will fix that.  If I got it now I couldn't run, and since I'm not jumping ...  I will train, train, train and then get it shot on the Wednesday before the meet.  OK, it's crazy but that's how I operate.  Thanks for your support!!  Bubba

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