Sunday, August 17, 2014

Time to Get Going!!

Yep - how I feel when I can't train - fat, eat too much and agitated,
and that was after ONE day off!
I tried to take another day off today because my little back over stretch still isn't quite where I want it.  It didn't completely work as I went down to Laguna, Aliso, Doheney and Capistrano beaches looking for a place to do some soft sand running.  I used to do this in Newport but that's quite the road trip.  Anyway I think the beach between Laguna and Aliso will work the best.  I'm planning on this as a recovery day following my jump days.  At lest my leg didn't hurt to run soft sand!

Sometimes you have to get out of your own way.  I think I lost three days in my recovery by not resting three days.  At least I stopped when I saw that.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for your support!  Bubba

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