Friday, August 15, 2014


In some ways my leg is much better, and in others it seems much worse.  What I know is that I now have to train not to hurt it.  Thinking I could resume running sleds at 20% yesterday only to get slapped down to under 5%.  That was a discouraging wake up call.  But the rule is, stay under the pain threshold and it will get better quickly. 

This is not a hamstring because I can lift heavy and feel nothing.  It's not the groin or the quad, it's a little muscle on the inside of the leg.  The last time I had this little ding it went away and I was fine pretty quickly.  That only happens if I leave it alone or stay under the pain threshold. 

As my orthopedic surgeon used to say, "Bone heals in 8-10 weeks, so if a soft tissue injury takes longer than that then you just flat aren't letting it heal".  Message received.  Have a great day and thanks for coming by!  Bubba

From the super group, Black Country Communion - "Great Divide" -  Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, Jason Bonham and the great Joe Bonamassa on guitar.

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