Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weird Day!!

I had planned not to train yesterday or today as a phase break following 11 straight days of hard training.  I notice that my wrists, shoulders, knee, back, etc. start to show signs of overuse at about this point so I break.  I also know when I come back after a couple of days off completely that my body feels refreshed and much stronger.

What's weird is that last night out of the blue I started feeling some aching in my right leg.  I couldn't tell if it was the quad, hip flexor, groin, etc., which made it even more confusing.  AND if it didn't hurt during the training why is it hurting now when I didn't feel it all day?  I have no answers but it feels much better again today.  Yet another unsolved mystery.  Have a great day!  Bubba

ACDC - Back in Black with original singer, Bon Scott.  After Scott died, Back in Black was the follow up album and most though tit was a tribute to him.  Well here he is actually singing the title cut - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsppkBQhnYQ

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