Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby Steps!!

A couple of the kids wanted to jump early, at 7:30 this morning so I decided I would jump with them.  It's warm so no headwind.  Little did I know that seven kids would show up instead of the two I was expecting.  That's great but I needed to limit my jumps because I didn't want to wait in line.

Good news - I could have probably jumped on the 4m/167/16.3 from 2 lefts/23' today but I felt it was best to move to three.  I made 10'6" and 11' on first jumps, moved back to 43' (4 lefts) and up to the 15.0 since the 15.5 was too small last time.  Biggest pole I've tried from that run in awhile.  Two out of three jumps at 12' were really good.  Decent height but couldn't leave it up. I think I've made 12' on that small of a pole only once before so I was pleased.

Bad news - short rest made my right groin a touch sore so I stopped as a precaution after the 5th vault.  In the gym I felt a little pain and light strain in my upper right quad (outside) when doing hack squats.  Both should be a non-factor when I jump at San Diego State in 10 days. I will be in Houston the following week so they will get a 17 day rest.

I'm happy I'm starting to feel like I can vault again.  Of course I will end up on much bigger poles and 12' will become my starting height again, but it's a long climb back up from being too light and making lost power.  Baby steps!  Have a great day and thanks for checking in on me.  Bubba

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