Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winds of Change!!

Whether I like it or not I think I have to be finished jumping really early on colder days.  I went out to 45 degrees, which wasn't horrible because the sun was out.  But the increasing headwind cut short what started off to be a very good vault day.  By the time I finished it was 55 but the headwind was too much.

I was moving my 4m/167/16.3 to the point that on a normal day I may have been able to turn up from 2 strides/4 steps, which is a baseline for me.  But the problem is that a light headwind as the sun comes up grows in strength until you just can't fight it anymore.  I was hitting my positions and my 15.5 was too small at 12' from 4/8 before I had to stop because the wind became unbearable.

I'm good at jumping in bad conditions but EVERY DAY is this way so I need to start jumping later.  The reason I haven't is because I have running, bars and lifting also, and it's hard for me to get that done, eat and then get back for the kids.  SO, I will move the kid's jump day from Thursday to Wednesday and I should be fine.  Sunday is a non-issue as I can just go out later.

ANYWAY, very please that I'm moving bigger poles and found consistency in my positions.  Just need more jumps.  Have a great day!  Bubba

REO Speedwagon - "Roll With The Changes" -

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