Sunday, November 10, 2013

Complete 180!!

For as bad as my last practice was with 2 jumps out of 12 being remotely good, today was a 180.  I only took 7 vaults and cleared 6 bars with great control of my technique.  And I completely threw out my vaulting plan for today within the first 3 minutes.  Why?

To follow DJ's chart and start at an 8' bar, I need a 9'10" grip and a 33' six step start mark.  I was gripping 10'6" from TWO steps or a 12' run.  OK - so how was this going to be better than the last practice?  Pole speed.

I have always told vaulters that with enough pole speed we can always find a consistent jump.  The last practice I tried to force everything with minimal pole speed.  This makes the timing to critical, especially when your legs are trash.  So today I just jogged in from a stride further back and really had a great and fun day.

I ENDED on a pole that is BELOW my normal short run start pole yet still had some great jumps. Height wise I cleared 9'6", 10', 10'6" X 2 all on first jumps before having a miss.  The 2nd clearance was on pole #2.  I was too far out on my first at 11' and then made it twice.  Perspective - 10' would have gotten me the silver medal in Brazil!!  Lessons learned. 

I feel like I'm in a real good place to move forward.  Thanks for being here.  Off to Denver for business until Wednesday. Have a great Sunday!  Bubba

Going real old school with Accept playing "Balls to the Wall",  Their singer gives his best Bon Scott/ACDC imitation -

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