Sunday, November 3, 2013

Strong Fast!?

Day one of my middle rotation of four days, which sits between two three day rotations before a three day break.  I probably could have jumped a little today but the plan was to get through the first 11 days first.  I was surprised at how little soreness I had today compared to yesterday.  Of course I lifted legs today and tomorrow I have Legs2 which I only do once every two weeks.  Have a feeling that won't be fun the day of or a few days after.

I'm working on my speed in a bit different way this year.  I'm doing the Jim Hiserman 14 week rotation X 3 -  On set #1 I'm running with sled and 5lb. ankle weights, #2 with just ankle weights and no sled, and #3 just me without ankle weights or sled.  I have previously run sleds exclusively because I needed power on the runway and the ability to cover ground.  But what I noticed was that I had no control of my running when not attached to a sled.  Sure I was faster but was a bit lost.  Today I felt like I was flying.  I think this is by far the fastest I have run in practice in a few years.  Great progression and I can't wait to see where I am in 14 weeks. Have a great Sunday!  Bubba

Great bass and lead guitar play by Mr. Big - "Addicted to That Rush" -

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