Monday, November 4, 2013

Well THAT Sucked!!

Today was day 2 of legs.  I do this following day 1 but only once every 14 days.  Today I did 8,6,4 deep squat, bench squat, lunge and bench step up.  Yesterday was hack squat sled, lying leg press, leg extension, seated leg curl, lying leg curl, seated calf and standing calf.  Of course this was after running and bars.  On most days I would have also jumped yesterday.  This plan works best because you beat your body/legs up all at once and therefore recover faster for the next rotation.  So today's legs were actually considered "active rest".  I think they were mainly hard because  have not done them for awhile.

As mentioned I need to gain some muscle mass but my weight needs to come up slowly and the right way.  Before my big meets this year I woke up every day just under 160 lbs./72.72kg.  Now I'm trying to be under 165/75kg.  At first I was like, "yeah right" when I saw 161.7 as my wake up weight.  But yesterday I was 164 and today I was 164.7 so I'm getting closer.  I think I can be leaner so I will stick with this weight goal for November.  Ideally I think I will be at just under 170/77.27kg.  I need mass to be a power jumper.

I've got lots of other things swirling around my head but the goal was to get through today first.  Yahoo!!  Have a great da and thanks for being here!  Bubba

AC/DC - "You Shook Me All Night Long" -

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