Sunday, August 21, 2011


One thing I appreciate now that the championship season is over is that I am able to train consistently.  But as the saying above implies, what I do is never set in stone.  So that makes me consistently inconsistent.

My body loves the fact it now has a firm base to progress from.  These big meets require ramp up and ramp down and many times only one, or even no training components in a week.  It's very hard to maintain a high level of fitness in that environment.  Don't get me wrong, I did well with it but my body seems to like the consistent activity more, even if what I do can be inconsistent.

I feel like I'm really gaining some momentum in my training.  My vaulting technique is nowhere near where I want it but I feel it coming around as well.  I vault by feel more than anything and there is a lot of mental focus involved during the jump. I don't visualize or anything like that; I just go and I'm looking for a feeling.  Once I find it I can groove it in.  I think I'm most excited about that.  With one low level day I can really work on my technique, and on the higher level day I can test out the results.  Beats the heck out of only jumping in meets like last year.

As much as I bring that up, my physical level is at such a higher level; than it was last year and that is because I chose fitness, speed and power over vaulting. As hard as I train I rarely feel tired or beat during the session.  Even with 100 degree heat I find that I'm not even thirsty for water.  I think this alone bodes well for the amount of technique work I can do.  I remember last year that when I did jump I just hoped I would feel good enough to jump to make twice a week, but usually just once.  Now I could probably jump three days per week along with all of my other training, but I know that's not smart.  So, in my mind it's a fair trade off and I should be able to really refine my jumping.

That's it for tonight.  Thank you so much for hanging in here with me.  I know it's the "offseason" but I can't afford to fall behind and then "hope" to make it up.  Have a great day!  Bubba

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