Friday, August 5, 2011

Mutha, Bitch, etc. - A LONG Way to Go!!

Me - before during and after training.  I'll never get there at this pace.  Patience Grasshoppa, I must crawl before I walk, run and jump!!

When a component of a workout out has thoroughly kicked my ass, I let out a deep sigh and almost yell, MUTHA, BITCH, or some other shocking statement of pain and survival.  After three days I have muttered or yelled this often.  I haven't significantly run (other than hill/sleds), vaulted (at all in practice, much less 15 jumps at a bar), fill in any blank, in a long time and now it is the core of my training.  I feel like I used to after summer two a day football practices - drained and whipped like a kitten.  Considering the level that I am training this is an embarrassment.  I'm NOT going after ANY intensity, I'm just trying to survive and I am barely making it. 

Of course to me, this is awesome because it means I can get much better after I have completed the first 14 weeks of this training. I'm actually SUPER excited at this prospect.  If it didn't have this affect what drastic improvement could I expect?  NONE!!

Being smart?  How tough is this new training?  After day three I have to take tomorrow off to avoid mild heel pain becoming plantar fascitis.  I'd rather miss one session than the two months it takes to recover from PF.  Oh well.  It usually takes about two weeks to ramp up to a full load.  The first rotation went well except for my pain and bitching.  And with that, I offer you Wolfmother's, "Woman".  Have a great evening and thanks for your support.  Bubba

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