Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good News - After doing absolutely nothing between my meet Saturday and this morning, I was surprised to see that I felt pretty good and quick.  My goal was to work on some technical details where I have been lacking some mental discipline.  That part went very well as I had much better feel and control. 

Bad News - On my 10th vault and first take off on my 4m/14.3 from six steps I felt a little hamstring grab right as I left the ground.  I wasn't straining and I had no previous hint of tightness.  BTW - this is not that unusual in the first jump session after a meet so I was already being cautious.  All I can think is that my body needs to get used to jumping a lot.

On a scale of 10 I call it a 3-4 so it's not a big deal.  I should be able to jump again at a low level in a couple of weeks.  I always give myself twice as long as I need to recover so I don;t have a relapse.  That said, I'll skip the meet outside of Austin on September 25.  I'm going on vacation the day after for five days anyway so I might as well get the full rest benefit.

Good News - Because I felt on the edge of plantar fascitis early on, I have not been doing the running I had hoped to do.  The late, great, orthopedic surgeon, Glen Almquist used to tell me if my training is hurting me but my event is not then I need to adjust my training. If my event is hurting me I had better get back to base training.  So I will.  For the next five weeks I will run 10 X 100m grass strides plus 10 X 50m hill/sleds three days a week.  I'm SUPER excited to get back to this.  Why?

I see lots of guys jump a lot but not make significant height improvement.  The reality is that at our age and level of proficiency, we can probably gain 6"+ (15 cm) improvement from better technical skills - that's it.  We can gain another 6 - 12"+ from physical improvement.  I need a continued concentration on both.  So this little baby ding comes at a time when I was questioning myself as to when I could return to serious running.  That time begins tomorrow.

Thank you for being here and have a wonderful day!  Bubba

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