Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twice the Run = Twice the Fun? Uh, NO!!

Once I figured out I didn't have plantar facitis I decided to make up yesterday's running today.  The problem was that I decided to do it after lunch, at noon at 100 degrees.  So I ran 3 X 200, 2 X 150, 1 X 100, then 3 X 30 w/25 lb. sled, 2 X 30 + 1 X 40 w/30 lb. sled, and 1 X 20, 1 X 30 and 1 X 40 w/35 lb. sled.  Because I am not in good running shape I came as close to vomiting as I have in years.  Oh, well; part of the process.

I have a lift in the AM then two days of a different type of pounding and grinding with business.  Tuesday is my day off from training and I will vault/run on Wednesday afternoon when I get home.  I'm excited to start the day at four steps on my smallest 4m / 13' 1" pole. Hopefully 2-3 weeks of that and I will be ready for my new 4.30m / 14' 1" poles.  Of course the objective is clean technique so I am in zero hurry to move forward unless I have really good control of my vault.

Mike Soule sent me this video from nationals today.  Pretty cool.  Thanks Mike!  Bubba

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