Friday, May 11, 2012

Change of Plans AGAIN! Right NOW!!

If there is nothing else you can count on it is me being willing and able to completely change my plans when I sense another way could be better.  I've been around long enough to be honest with myself and I flat can't motivate myself to go through the motions on a path that MAY work.  Today's change has nothing to do with my program as it feels great on my first full day.  My body told me to make a change.  A good change!

Today I started with the bike up the brutal hill up my street, which felt tough but more manageable.  I thought it would be a good warm up.  CRAP - on my very first squat my legs hurt so bad I couldn't go down even half way.  I racked the weight and tried again and even with light weight it just wasn't going to happen.  I guess that type of intense riding made my quads so tight and painful that I really considered quitting.  Pissed off I went in the house for a minute and came back out and said SCREW IT!  I put 10 lbs on each side and suddenly it was easy and I had no pain.  Now I have no clue what happened in this five minute span but I put the original weight back on and went right down for a set of 8 with no pain at all.  I don't get it but I'll take it.

Challenge #2, time for lunges.  I'm scared of this because I had to quit doing them before because they were irritating the same injury on my right leg that I just got two weeks ago on my left.  I put a 5lb. weight on each side and slowly went for it.  Nothing on either side - not a hint of pain.  Now am I stupid enough to do a bench step up set with weight on my shoulders?  I went really slow at first and again completed a set of 8 and felt nothing.  I'm sure it will hurt later when I run, or will it?

Did some errands and work waiting on school to let out as I need to do yesterday's 10 X bleacher ramps.  I'm going to trudge this with a stride length no longer than my foot.  Surprise!!  By #4 I was running about 30% with no pain.  On #s5-8 I ran at 50% with no pain.  SHOCK!  I did some rhythmical runs and found that I easily could have vaulted today from 4 steps.

I'm going to hate explaining this because it makes too much sense and I don't prefer this as a solution.  I got a mild strain on my right leg in November of 2011 and started my rehab right away.  I was still occasionally feeling the effects of it just a month ago.  The left leg was MUCH worse yet I left it totally alone for 13 days and it's nearly well.  I couldn't do a bench step up on my dinged right leg for 8 weeks yet I can do one on my injured left leg in 13 days.  OK - lesson learned.  No rehab - rest the leg completely and work on other things.

Right NOW!!  On Monday I changed my frame of mind to get ready for Italy and Brazil.  Just "thinking" daily that I'm getting ready for these meets is a refreshing change from the run in place experiments I did over the last year.  The first thing I noticed was my internal NEED to do things right now.  No shortcuts on stretching, no waiting until later.  Don't get me wrong in that I always make my training a priority.  Right NOW it's urgency.  I'm planning my training and scheduling my work and other responsibilities around my training again.  In short, I LOVE IT!!

Thanks for your support and for being here.  Oh, almost forgot, the main reason for the story is to say that I will now vault in three weeks at the California Senior Games.  I may jump from 6 or 8 steps but I feel I can easily be ready to jump.  SO, my entire master plan moves up a whole month.  I didn't think I would be healthy or conditioned enough to jump until July and now it will be June.  Pretty excited to make THIS change of plans!  Bubba

Van Halen - "Right Now" -

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